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Covid-19 Business Recovery Solutions 

Virginia must continue to move forward in fully recovering our economy. Former Governor Northam’s one size fits all approach proved detrimental to many local businesses and families. The restaurant/hospitality industry was hit the hardest with some workers never returning following the shutdown. Virginia must focus on working with the private sector to retrain our workforce. Delegate Cordoza will continue to work in conjunction with Governor Youngkin in this ongoing effort to fully recover the economy. 



As your delegate, A.C. is dedicated to making Virginia #1 in Healthcare. He has worked to ensure all Virginians with preexisting conditions are protected. As your Delegate, A.C. has and will continue to support legislation that protects firefighters who develop cancer on the job.

Military Veterans and Family Resources 

As a Veteran, A.C. knows that our nation's heroes deserve our admiration and respect. Military families face many challenges in daily life that include finding affordable housing, career development and furthering educational growth. It is critical that we continue providing the proper support for those veterans seeking mental health resources. 


2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights

As a veteran, A.C. supports law abiding citizens' rights to self-defense. Gun safety and firearms education is critical in maintaining our Constitutional rights. The 91st and the New 86th Districts have a strong heritage of hunting and outdoors shooting exercises. 



Our community must continue to focus on career and technical education in our public schools. The life skills learned through these programs offer the opportunity for our young people to have meaningful careers in our economy. The current status quo of education is failing. We must look at alternative solutions for students who are falling through the cracks of our public schools. A.C. is dedicated to providing our schools the resources needed to be #1 in education. 



Virginia businesses have been severely affected through a loss of revenue because of Covid-19. However, the Commonwealth has seen record surpluses, this money needs to go back to the taxpayers! A.C. opposes unnecessary tax hikes and fees on Virginians. It is critical that Virginia return to a reasonable cost of living for the working class. 



Our area is inherently intertwined with the Chesapeake Bay, daily life depends on clean air and water.  It is critical that we continue to focus on Oyster restoration efforts, maintaining the quality of our public beaches and ensuring the sustainability of our local fisheries.  Supporting environmentally friendly initiatives like Virginia’s offshore wind initiative will be imperative continuing into the future.


Safe Communities

Our communities depend on the men and women in Blue to keep order and protect our neighborhoods from mayhem.  Virginia continues to struggle fighting the evils of Human Trafficking and A.C. supports efforts to end this exploitation of vulnerable individuals. AC continues to support pay increases for our hardworking law enforcement officers. 


Criminal Justice Reform 

A.C. has and will continue work with faith and community leaders to find common ground regarding criminal justice reform. A.C. believes that criminal justice reforms can be achieved while maintaining our respect for the rule of law but it will take a uniter, not a divider to accomplish results on this critical issue. 

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