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A Leader Fighting for a Better Hampton Roads

A.C. Cordoza was born to a family full of work ethic and a belief in service to our nation.  Growing up, A.C. spent many days working with his father learning the value of hard work and technical precision serving as an apprentice to his fathers construction projects. 


Enlisting into the Air Force to serve America was A.C.’s destiny as generations of Cordozas had done.  Following a service of 3 years A.C. honorably left the Air Force and sought to further his education at Thomas Nelson Community College. There he began to gain interest in politics during the 2008 Presidential Campaign as the possibility of the nation electing the first black President. Soon after the election, A.C. began reflecting on the policies of the new Democratic Party finding that his core values did not align with the Democrats, but the Republicans. 


Today A.C. works in cyber security for Newport News Shipbuilding where he focuses on keeping our Naval assets safe against enemy threats. He lives in Hampton where he serves as Vice-Chairman of the Hampton Republican Party. 

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